Horseback Riding



The CHIRPC - Centro Hípico Irmão Pedro Coelho is a modern and high quality structure fully adapted to fulfil the equestrian world requests.

It is located at Quinta de Vilar de Frades, a large green area with a high natural potential, combining harmoniously traditions and culture.

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Equestrian Center

hipismoPonte de Lima

The Ponte de Lima Equestrian Centre was created in 2001 with the purpose of organizing equestrian events, as well as promoting not only a riding school but also other leisure, tourism and catering activities.

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Pony School

ponyschoolPonte de Lima

At the Pentieiros Farm within the Bertiandos and S. Pedro d'Arcos Lagoons Protected Landscape, the Pony School is dedicated to pony-riding activities for children

At Pony-School obviously ponies are the chosen animals.
As these are low stature and very docile, they are the ideal companions for an introduction to riding for younger children (aged less than 6 years), also being the perfect friends to help children with disabilities, accompanied by a Psychomotor Therapist (integrating the Pony-School team), allowing them to achieve gains in their physical and intellectual development.

The therapist is at the Pony-School every Tuesday morning.

Quinta de Pentieiros
Lagoas de Bertiandos – São Pedro de Arcos

Ponte de Lima

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Quinta do Fijó

quintadofijoArcos de Valdevez

At the bottom of a valley, protected by Monte do Castelo and near Ponte da Barca Village, stands Quinta do Fijó, the ideal place for an unforgettable holiday.

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Viana Equestrian

VianaequestreViana do Castelo

Viana Equestrian operating since September 2009 aims to promote the riding practice and all kinds of equestrian sports.

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