Restaurant Camelo

restcameloViana do Castelo

The typical Minho diet rules, particularly noting the starters, such as “as caralhas”, a calf’s offal poached in Perre red wine.

Feast day on the second Sunday of each month with faithful pilgrims and Camelo stew worshippers.

Also, not to be neglected the “bacalhoadas” (codfish dishes) and“rojões“(roast pork), the Sarrabulho rices (rice of shredded pork in gravy thickened with blood) and the “pé descalço” rices (homebred chicken stew with rice), the “barrosã” veal and the roasted Serra D'Arga young goat.

St.ª Marta de Portuzelo
Viana do Castelo

Tel.: +351 258 883 909

GPS: N 41.709303 W 8.771956