Casa Primavera – Taberna Soares

casaprimaveraViana do Castelo

A typically Portuguese Tavern, where there is no shortage of: octopus , roes, sea snails, limpets, mussels, edible crabs , shore shrimps, prawns, rock barnacles , “caramujas” (Angulate snails) , lobsters , swimming crabs , and grilled sardines .

A wide variety of fresh fish and of course as much wine as you wish.

Seafood at a very good price!

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Os Telhadinhos - Tasca das Fodinhas

fodinhasPonte de Lima

Founded more than 10 years ago, "Tasca das Fodinhas” (Tiny fuck Tavern) is situated in Rua do Rosário, in the center of Ponte de Lima.

If ever someone in Ponte de Lima will invite you to a "tiny fuck" with "bitches", do not be neither offended, nor afraid. On the contrary, accept and enjoy.

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Restaurant A Carvalheira

restcarvalheiraPonte de Lima

It opened its doors in 1995. Since then it achieved great reputation as one of the best representatives of the Alto Minho’s cuisine.

It has been relocated in 2014, offering even better conditions and a more pleasant environment, whether it's for a dinner for two, or for a larger group of family or friends.

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Restaurant A Fornalha


It offers excellent grilled and oven dishes, standing at a short walking distance.

Lugar da Seara

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Restaurant Alameda

restalamedaPonte de Lima

It stands out for its excellent, copious and tasty regional cuisine, including dishes like “Sarrabulho” rice (rice of shredded pork in gravy thickened with blood) and “rojões“(roast pork).

Restaurant located in Ponte de Lima historic center, with a beautiful over the river.

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Restaurant Bagoeira


A regional heritage Restaurant with 400 years of history!

Traditional Portuguese cuisine.

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Restaurant Camelo

restcameloViana do Castelo

The typical Minho diet rules, particularly noting the starters, such as “as caralhas”, a calf’s offal poached in Perre red wine.

Feast day on the second Sunday of each month with faithful pilgrims and Camelo stew worshippers.

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Restaurant Costa do Vez

RestcostadovezArcos de Valdevez

You will have the opportunity to taste the best delicacies of this region, from the traditional dishes for which it is well known, to the unique desserts.

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Restaurant Fortaleza II


On the menu, and as it should be, there is the fish.

Sardine, turbot, sole, among others, ensure the satisfaction of the most demanding customers’ palates.

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Restaurant Mariana

restmarianaViana do Castelo

For several decades the Mariana restaurant, located near the Afife beach, in Viana do Castelo, stands out for its excellent cuisine, friendly service and the art of receiving its guests.

A regionally rooted cuisine, which reveals its proximity to the sea.

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Restaurant Pedra Alta

restpedraaltaViana do Castelo

Pedra Alta restaurant offers not only excellent seafood dishes, but also exquisite grilled meats.

We cannot forget the tasty and famous "filet mignon" served with elegance and abundance, feature of this restaurant since its beginning.

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Restaurant Petiscas

restpetiscasPonte de Lima

With a great terrace, you can taste not only traditional snacks, but also choose from an extensive menu.

The wine list is a selection of the best wines produced in Portugal.

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Restaurant Sonho Azul

restsonhoazulPonte de Lima

Cozy restaurant, ideal for groups, offering typical Minho cuisine.

Closing dinner on Wednesday.

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Snack Bar and Seafood Restaurant Valadares


Seafood restaurant with two dining-rooms and a terrace, overlooking the Minho River.

Seafood specialties from our coast, such as clams, mussels , rock barnacles , shrimps, sea snails salad , limpets salad, edible crab , spider crab , and lobsters, among many other shellfish delicacies.

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Taberna do Valentim

tabernavalentimViana do Castelo

Restaurant offering an excellent cuisine.
The “chorinha” (fish soup) is a must and prepares the customer for greater substance.

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