rsbartolomeuPonte da Barca

From 19th to 24th August, the Ponte da Barca village lives its municipal festivity – the religious festival of St. Bartholomew.

Considered by many as the most genuine pilgrimage of the Alto Minho, S. Bartolomeu is a major business cards for the municipality.

For six days the village experiences an intense week of traditions and genuine customs of this region, such as gastronomy, folk dances, Concertinas, challenge singing, the Taverns and Handicrafts Fair and the Linen Fair, traditional Games, and many other activities.

But St. Bartholomew festival has its peak on the night of August 23rd with the parade followed by the singing and dancing parties through the village streets, dragging crowds and extending revelry all night long.

The 24th of August is dedicated to the religious festivities in honour of St. Bartholomew, when a solemn procession with the participation of all parishes with their most representative saints takes place. The colourful fireworks close the festival.