Pilgrimage of São João d'Arga


The Pilgrimage of São João d'Arga, which takes place from 28th to 29th August in the Arga de S. João parish, is considered one of the most genuine pilgrimages of the Minho and one of the most typical in the country.

The festival takes place around the former Benedictine monastery, templar in earlier times according to history records. With party or without it, the place deserves a closer look. But let us get back to the festival and to the many traditions associated with it.

Early in the morning of the 28th, pilgrims begin to arrive, many by car, but some on foot, taking the traditional pilgrims’ route of the "seven mountains".
On arrival, according to tradition, they turn 3 times around the church and inside the temple give alms to the saint but also the "devil."

Fulfilled the promise is time to choose a place for a pick nick and a shadow to rest. Than the Mass takes place,followed by the procession, in which, the St. John’s “Andor” (an elaborated float made for religious processions) is followed by the banner of Saint Ajinha, venerated in the mountains.
At the end of the procession and of all religious ceremonies, merriment grows spontaneously.