Festa das Rosas - Vila Franca

frosasViana do Castelo

The Viana do Castelo Pilgrimages traditionally start in May, with this festival in Vila Franca.

The highlight is the Flower Baskets’ parade (made of fresh flowers petals), carried on the head by the Mordomas, dressed in traditional costumes

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Romaria de Nª Srª da Agonia

fagonia1Viana do Castelo

If it is true that in May, the Festival of Roses in Vila Franca do Lima, starts the cycle of religious festivals, it is undoubtedly in August that this tradition reaches its peak with the magnificent Pilgrimage of Our Lady of Agony.

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rsbartolomeuPonte da Barca

From 19th to 24th August, the Ponte da Barca village lives its municipal festivity – the religious festival of St. Bartholomew.

Considered by many as the most genuine pilgrimage of the Alto Minho, S. Bartolomeu is a major business cards for the municipality.

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Pilgrimage of São João d'Arga


The Pilgrimage of São João d'Arga, which takes place from 28th to 29th August in the Arga de S. João parish, is considered one of the most genuine pilgrimages of the Minho and one of the most typical in the country.

The festival takes place around the former Benedictine monastery, templar in earlier times according to history records. With party or without it, the place deserves a closer look. But let us get back to the festival and to the many traditions associated with it.

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fpenedaArcos de Valdevez

The Peneda Pilgrimage one of the oldest and most important festivals of northern Portugal, in honour of Our Lady of Peneda.

It is held annually between 1 and 8 September.
During those eight the sanctuary days receives thousands of visitors from Minho and Galicia.

The most important days Pilgrimage days are on 5th and 6th. The 5th is usually dedicated to the thousands of Spanish, that cross the border to visit the Sanctuary. The 6th is the religious festival day, and the most important of all.

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Feiras Novas

fnovasPonte de Lima

In the second weekend of September, when the hot summer sun prepares for a farewell, Ponte de Lima dresses up for its biggest festival– the Feiras Novas.

Besides music, folk dances and fireworks, there is still room for livestock contests, “garranos” racing, ethnographic and historical parades, music bands, “gigantones and cabeçudos” (participants carrying giant heads), drums groups and the procession that closes the cycle of the Alto Minho festivals.

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