Alberto Sampaio


The Alberto Sampaio Museum was created in 1928 to house the collections of the former Collegiate of Our Lady of Oliveira and other churches and convents of the Guimarães region, by that time owned by the state.

It is located right in the historic center, at the exact spot where, in the 10th century, the countess Mumadona installed a monastery, around which was springing up Guimarães town. The space it occupies belonged to the Collegiate, and has historical and artistic value: the cloister and medieval rooms that surround the ancient House of the Priory and the Cabido House.

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Casa dos Nichos

casanichosViana do Castelo

Casa dos Nichos, is a 15th century building recently restored to host an exhibition of the archaeological remains of the region, especially from Prehistory, Iron Age and Romanization period.

With a strong educational vocation, the visitor has multimedia access to information on the municipal heritage such as the Santa Luzia chester, the medieval tombs of Santa Maria de Geraz do Lima or the Carreço Stone Age engravings.

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Costume Museum

mtrajeViana do Castelo

The Viana do Castelo Costume Museum was established in 1997, taking up the mission to study, promote, and identity the “vianense” ethnographic heritage through its highest expression element, the “Vianesa” costume.

“Vianesa Costume” means the maidens’ popular, rural costume from villages around Viana do Castelo, which acquired characteristics that individualize it and render it immediately identifiable.

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D. Diogo de Sousa Museum


The museum has a vast collection of archaeological pieces collected in the course of research projects carried out in Braga and in the Minho region.

Besides getting to know traces of ancient occupation, from the Paleolithic to the Middle Ages, visitors also find information about archaeological sites that worth a visit in our region.The museum's educational service offers several activities for schools, groups, families and youth.

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Ecomuseu de Lanheses

ecomuseuViana do Castelo

The Ecomuseum project aims to promote and raise awareness of the natural resources and built heritage of the Lanheses Parish.

Estrada Nacional 202, n.º 1478

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Gil Eannes Hospital Ship

gileanesViana do Castelo

The Hospital Ship Gil Eannes, was built in Viana do Castelo shipyards, and started its activity as a hospital in 1955, supporting for decades, the Portuguese cod fishing fleet which operated on the banks of Newfoundland and Greenland.

It was restored and transformed into a museum ship and a youth hostel.
Worth visiting!

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Horse Car Museum

museucarroscavViana do Castelo

Horse Car Museum

Dr. Lopo de Carvalho, a medical doctor, had as main hobby, collecting horse cars.

Still very young, he received from his grandfather a small horse cart, hence his great taste for this kind of cars. Many of these restored horse cars had been employed and stored by his ancestors.

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Museu dos Terceiros

mterceirosPonte de Lima

The Terceiros Museum has been a continuous commitment of the Ponte de Lima Municipality program, not only for the value of its collection and architectural complex, but also for its entire project.

The result of a partnership between the Municipality of Ponte de Lima and the Limiano Institute, since 2001, provided the recovery of a building that houses much of the region’s history and the restoration of one of the best religious art collections in northern Portugal.

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Toy Museum

mbrinquedoPonte de Lima

The Portuguese Toy Museum is located at the Arnado House, in Largo da Alegria, in Ponte de Lima.

Its collection presents, in chronological order, Portuguese toys since the late nineteenth century until 1986.

Its official opening took place on 8th, June 2012. In the first three months of existence it recorded about 10 000 visitors.

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