mocastcerveiraCastelo de Vila Nova de Cerveira

It was built in 1320, by order of King D. Dinis, to defend the newly created settlement of Vila Nova de Cerveira.

Oval, with a 260 meters perimeter, a major axis of 90 meters and a minor of 65, the Cerveira Castle is defended by eight square towers, five of them facing south, as this was the easiest attack point.

The walls are 7.50 meters high and 2 meters thick and the towers of embrasures between 8 and 13. The Barbican walls reach 6 meters with 1.50 thick, following the turrets projection.
It still depicts the entire medieval armour walls, whose stones blackened by time, show marks of 55 masons that have rebuilt them in the fifteenth century. Some gates still remain intact, such as the access gate and the postern, usually named port of betrayal, both ogival: the porticullis is in the main tower (Moorish or dungeon), which was half demolished in 1844