Classified as a National Monument in 2007, it was elected as one of the Seven Wonders of Portugal.

In the tenth century the Countess Mumadona after having been widowed, orders to build on their homestead Vimaranes - Today Guimarães - a monastery.

The constant attacks by the Moors and Normans leads to the need to build a fortress to guard and defend the monks and the Christian community who lived around them. Thus arises the primitive Guimarães Castle.

In the twelfth century, with the formation of Portucalense County, come to live in Guimarães the Count D. Henrique and D.Teresa who have do great works in the castle in order to expand it and make it stronger. Tradition says that would have been inside the Castle that the counts had taken up residence, and probably would have been born D. Afonso Henriques. Between the thirteenth and fifteenth centuries many kings will contribute to improvement works and restoration of the Castle.