momatrizpontelPonte de Lima

“It is remarkable the segmental arch of the entrance, the beautiful shrine of the Bertiandos House, next to entrance door, on the Gospel side (built in 1540 by Inês Pinto, Lopo Pereira's wife), the carving of the side altar of Our Lady das Dores (built in 1729 by Miguel Coelho, an artist from Barcelos) and the Renaissance arch of the Blessed Sacrament Chapel, with the coat of arms of the Guimarães family , on the right (1589).
At the end of the last century,, the tower of the Mother Church has been changed, out of all aesthetic proportion ... to better check the hours on the quadriptique display.”

Conde D'Aurora, Roteiro da Ribeira Lima, 1959

The Ponte de Lima Parish Church was built by order of King João I, in 1425. Over the centuries it has undergone several expansions and renovations, adding a number of styles, from Romanesque to Gothic and neo-classical.

A place you must visit!