The Legends

The Lethes and the River Passage


The historian Strabo was the first to compare the Lima River to the legendary Lethe: the River of Forgetfulness.

According to his opinion, this resulted from an incident between Turduli and Celtic who during an expedition, tried to cross this river, but were involved in a fight - which led to the death of their leader, and so, the soldiers dispersed throughout the Ribeira Lima, forgetting the expedition and the reasons inherent to it.

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The Kings Court - António, Prior of Crato

antoniopriordocratoAccording to family history, D. António 'Prior of Crato' hid at Paço de Lanheses when he was fleeing the Castilians and trying to form an allied army against Philip II of Spain.

This episode took place before he fled to exile and after the defeat of the Portuguese army that supported him by the Duke of Alba, in the succession to the throne, in Lisbon on 25th August 1580.

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Zé do Telhado and the Countess of Almada

Zé do Telhado

One day, the countess's rooms were invaded by a breathless and frightened household maid.

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