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Paço de Lanheses - Viana do Castelo - Portugal



One of the largest street markets in the north, it attracts hundreds of people every Saturday, especially from the largest cities of northern Portugal and Galicia.

About 250 traders expose a variety of products, especially in the sector of textiles, handicrafts, decorations and ornaments; footwear; clothing, furniture, pottery, agricultural tools, copper articles; fruits, vegetables and flowers; among others.

The space is wide and modern, equipped with all the necessary facilities for the sellers and customers activity.


Discover the Region

The Alto Minho

«...people from the Minho province are the best inhabitants of Portugal, both for their gentleness and friendliness, as well as for their jolliness; their dances and songs have already led a foreign author to compare them to the true shepherds of antiquity.»

in: Minho Pitoresco, 1887