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Paço de Lanheses - Viana do Castelo - Portugal

rotaalvarinhoMonção and Melgaço

From a single vine variety that grows only in the Iberian Peninsula.

Extremely limited production, and therefore, unique.

Created for those who worship the vineyard and the wine excellence. So is the Alvarinho. Primus inter pares. Balanced, unique, original. With a light and fresh taste, citric colour and delicate aroma. An extremely rare treasure.

A typical Portuguese wine, Alvarinho vine variety is one of the most important varieties of the Vinho Verde Region and one of the most internationally awarded. A true first class!

The Alvarinho Green Wine Route is the first example of the application of the European Charter of Enotourism.

Anchored on its star product, the Alvarinho Green Wine, this project aims to promote and enhance the territory as a whole, and in particular the entire tourist offer: Accommodation, Catering, Trade, Cultural and Natural Heritage and Entertainment. It intends to provide our guest striking and distinctive experiences, fulfilling their expectations.


Discover the Region

The Alto Minho

«...people from the Minho province are the best inhabitants of Portugal, both for their gentleness and friendliness, as well as for their jolliness; their dances and songs have already led a foreign author to compare them to the true shepherds of antiquity.»

in: Minho Pitoresco, 1887