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Paço de Lanheses - Viana do Castelo - Portugal


The CHIRPC - Centro Hípico Irmão Pedro Coelho is a modern and high quality structure fully adapted to fulfil the equestrian world requests.

It is located at Quinta de Vilar de Frades, a large green area with a high natural potential, combining harmoniously traditions and culture.

Largo S. João de Deus
Nº1 - Areias de Vilar - Barcelos
Mobile: +351 927 427 567

GPS: N 41° 32’ 27.35” W 8° 33’ 27.59”


Discover the Region

The Alto Minho

«...people from the Minho province are the best inhabitants of Portugal, both for their gentleness and friendliness, as well as for their jolliness; their dances and songs have already led a foreign author to compare them to the true shepherds of antiquity.»

in: Minho Pitoresco, 1887