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Paço de Lanheses - Viana do Castelo - Portugal

    pump trackA pista de Pump Track de Ponte de Lima situa-se no interior do Parque Urbano de Ponte de Lima

    Trata-se de uma pista de pequenas dimensões, muito irregular e caracterizada pelas múltiplas elevações, depressões e curvas sobrelevadas, todas com características únicas, que em conjunto formam obstáculos que são dispostos mais próximos uns dos outros com o objetivo de definir perfis que permitam manter a velocidade do ciclista que deve percorrer a totalidade do percurso sem necessidade de pedalar ganhando velocidade apenas com a transposição dos obstáculos.

    Via de S.Bento (Estrada da Madalena) 4990-205 Ponte de Lima.

    GPS: 41º 45’ 46,2” N | 8º 34’ 30,1” W


    canoagemThroughout its twenty-four years of history, the Nautical Club trained champions who brought the name of Portugal to the four corners of the world by winning world titles, European and Olympic medals.

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    mergulhoCavaleiros do Mar

    Edifício do Parque
    Estrada da Papanata 204 Loja B
    4900 - 476 Viana do Castelo

    Mobile: +351 964 397 021 / +351 963 378 135
    Fax: +351 258 972 028


    Amigos do Mar

    Parque Empresarial da Praia Norte
    Viana do Castelo 4900-348

    Tel: +351 258 827 427  Mobile: +351 963 655 741
    Fax: +351 258 827 427


    downhillThis project was born from the will to build an area entirely dedicated to the practice of mountain biking, creating pathways both for less experienced and for the best elite athletes.

    Located in Ponte de Lima municipality, Viana do Castelo district, Ponte de Lima Mountain Bike Park offers a wide variety of mountain bike facilities.

    Between the parishes of Estorãos and Cabração, Ponte de Lima Mountain Bike Park, comprises several cycle paths, from Down Hill, Cross Country, Enduro and Sightseeing Tours to Serra D'Arga in a forest area of about 360ha, ranging from 138 meters to 650 meters of altitude.

    Ponte de Lima Mountain Bike Park is tailored to everyone!

    The tours are tourist group tours, outside the area of the Ponte de Lima Mountain Bike Park through accessible routes surrounded by the natural beauty of the Serra D'Arga landscapes, between 600-823 meters above sea level.


    axisgolfPonte de Lima

    Playing Golf in Ponte de Lima is now possible, and both professionals and amateurs benefit from the best playing conditions.

    Axis Golf is a true paradise for golfers in Costa Verde, offering 6005 yards of championship tees for a par 71.

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    Braga Golf Club was founded in mid-1991 and is now one of the oldest and most respected clubs nationwide.

    Today the clubhouse, its facilities and driving range are located in Palmeira, allowing recreation and golf practice.

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    estelagolfPóvoa de Varzim

    Since its very beginning, Estela Golf Club has always fostered institutional relationships with the main National Golf partners.

    Elected in 1993 and 2009 "Club of the Year" by the Portuguese Golf Federation, it received the "Trophy Visconde Pereira Machado."

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    The CHIRPC - Centro Hípico Irmão Pedro Coelho is a modern and high quality structure fully adapted to fulfil the equestrian world requests.

    It is located at Quinta de Vilar de Frades, a large green area with a high natural potential, combining harmoniously traditions and culture.

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    hipismoPonte de Lima

    The Ponte de Lima Equestrian Centre was created in 2001 with the purpose of organizing equestrian events, as well as promoting not only a riding school but also other leisure, tourism and catering activities.

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    ponyschoolPonte de Lima

    At the Pentieiros Farm within the Bertiandos and S. Pedro d'Arcos Lagoons Protected Landscape, the Pony School is dedicated to pony-riding activities for children

    At Pony-School obviously ponies are the chosen animals.
    As these are low stature and very docile, they are the ideal companions for an introduction to riding for younger children (aged less than 6 years), also being the perfect friends to help children with disabilities, accompanied by a Psychomotor Therapist (integrating the Pony-School team), allowing them to achieve gains in their physical and intellectual development.

    The therapist is at the Pony-School every Tuesday morning.

    Quinta de Pentieiros
    Lagoas de Bertiandos – São Pedro de Arcos

    Ponte de Lima

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    quintadofijoArcos de Valdevez

    At the bottom of a valley, protected by Monte do Castelo and near Ponte da Barca Village, stands Quinta do Fijó, the ideal place for an unforgettable holiday.

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    VianaequestreViana do Castelo

    Viana Equestrian operating since September 2009 aims to promote the riding practice and all kinds of equestrian sports.

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    karting1Viana do Castelo International Kart Racing Circuit has two racing tracks with timing control systems so that users can monitor their results.

    The main (Track A) with a perimeter of 1117 meters and a constant width of 9 meters is targeted to level 1 approved official events level and recreation.
    Another smaller existing track (Track B) with 468 meters of perimeter and the same 8 meters in width, is adapted to the Karting School children and also for leisure.

    Lugar da Areia (Praia da Amorosa)
    Chafé - Viana do Castelo

    Tel: +351 258 009 950 / Mobile: +351 912 414 443

    GPS: N 41º 39’ 00.09’’  W 8º 47’ 54.61’’


    parapenteOnce you have tasted flight,
    you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward,
    for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.

    Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519)

    Abouaaboua Clube

    Hang-gliding and paragliding flight baptisms.

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    raftingMinhAventura is a tourism based company that operates in an innovative and experienced way in the area of Active and Cultural Tourism.

    Taking a stroll down the river in kayak, baking bread in a community oven or contemplating the sun setting in an unforgettable place, are some of experiences that we offer for those who want to escape the daily routine.

    All this supported by a young, avant-garde and qualified team, which aims to make MinhAventura recognized as the best active tourism company operating in the north of Portugal.


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    Discover the Region

    The Alto Minho

    «...people from the Minho province are the best inhabitants of Portugal, both for their gentleness and friendliness, as well as for their jolliness; their dances and songs have already led a foreign author to compare them to the true shepherds of antiquity.»

    in: Minho Pitoresco, 1887