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Paço de Lanheses - Viana do Castelo - Portugal

    It is with great pleasure that I bid you all a hearty welcome!

    I have wonderful memories of weekends and holidays spent in my ancestral home.
    Today, after many years, I am very pleased to welcome you to visit this great house and share with you this region, this land that I love and know so well. I will share with you legends and old stories and will show you the beautiful landscape and the ancient architecture surrounding it. Your experience in northern Portugal will be unforgettable .

    Kind regards,


    Lourenço d´ Almada


    Discover the Region

    The Alto Minho

    «...people from the Minho province are the best inhabitants of Portugal, both for their gentleness and friendliness, as well as for their jolliness; their dances and songs have already led a foreign author to compare them to the true shepherds of antiquity.»

    in: Minho Pitoresco, 1887